Meta Aerospace

Meta has the in-house capability to understand thoroughly every facet of its aircraft and their operating environment, leveraging that expertise to inform its traditional dry leasing offer, but also implement deeper levels of service, as required by the customer.

Meta offers a unique proposition to its customers: a tailored set of solutions, comprised of four distinct levels of services.

Level Services Capabilities
Aerospace Financing & Leasing (Level 1)
  • Finance Leases (FL)
  • Operating Leases (OL)
  • Sale and Leaseback (SLB)
  • Fleet Replacement
  • Fleet Rejuvenation
  • Insurance
  • Crewing

Meta purchases, configures, delivers and finances aircraft for a customer, leaving operation and exploitation of the asset to the client.

Aerospace Engineering (Level 2)
  • Airframe Mod Design
  • Mission Systems Design
  • Flight Test & Certification
  • Reconfiguration / Integration
  • Heavy Maintenance
  • Assembly & Manufacturing

Meta provides engineering design, configuration, modification, integration and certification services to support its clients special mission aircraft requirements.

Flight Operations (Level 3)
  • Flight Operations
  • Missions System Operations
  • Line Maintenance
  • Flight Ops Logistics

As a complement to Level 1 and Level 2, Meta provides crews to fly and maintain the aircraft, and sensor operators to employ sensors and other payloads.

Mission Applications (Level 4)
  • Training
  • Exercise Support
  • Mission System Applications
  • Mission System Development

Meta provides a full turnkey solution that includes all aspects of Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, as well as a complete suite of training, exercise support, mission systems application and development to meet the client's needs.

Meta provides aircrew, ground crew, analysis and support personnel as needed.